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Our story & philosophy

Ris’tretto Espresso was created out of a love for espresso coffee that developed with our first cafe we opened back in 2002 in New Regent St, Christchurch. That passion for great espresso then lead us to roasting our own coffee.

In 2007 we set about creating a fair trade organic espresso blend with a difference. Our aim was to produce an espresso with plenty of punch without a bitter kick aftertaste. We also wanted to create an espresso that wasn’t volatile during extraction. After months of roasting and tasting trials using orgins from all over the globe, we finally cracked it, and our No.1 House Blend hit the market in 2008. We launched our espresso with the opening of Ris’tretto cafe & roastery in St Albans. In 2013 the roastery expanded and relocated to the beautiful Waikuku Beach and became a separate entity to enable us to focus entirely on roasting, supplying, supporting and training our wholesale customers.

Our philosophy is based on a hands on approach to both roasting coffee and making espresso. We don’t use roasting software as we believe that the best roasting results are acheived through knowlege, care and attention to detail. As each single origin coffee has its own flavour profile and roasting characteristics, we roast coffees in individual small batches. This enables us to encourage the natural flavour traits of each coffee we have selected. Once rested, we then blend single origins together to create our blend.

Helping our clients make great espresso is also our passion. We focus on coaxing the very best flavour and body from each shot. This is acheived by pouring espresso in the ristretto tradition. Ristretto means a “restricted” pour length, where the extraction is stopped before any bitter compounds are present.